Frankly not about food forests

According to these (sometimes) affluent and privileged (but “liberal”!) white folks, food forests are a really cool way to help low-income (and food insecure) communities experiencing rampant urban blight by teaching them to fish instead of catching the fish for them. Kind of. Well, the actual community experiencing food insecurity isn’t usually involved with planning or making these sustainable forests, so I guess what’s really happening is that the actual planners are casting the net out over the fish and then having people pull the fish in for themselves. I sure hope they like whatever’s in the net! It is important to note that the majority of people who gather food at these forests will probably not be the ones who can’t afford it. But you’ve probably figured that out already just from common sense. Basically, when city officials get behind these kinds of projects, it seems like it’s just another way to avoid dealing with pesky, systemic things like structural racism and its place in land loss, food insecurity and health disparities. “Let ‘em pick their own food in public parks! Don’t say we never gave them anything. Now let’s cut food stamps another 50%.”



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