Two interesting interviews about sex work.

both of these are audio interviews from the npr show on the media.  some of the links below are to written articles covering the same ground.

1. An interview with Rachel Aimee and Eliyanna Kaiser, two editors of $pread magazine, a publication by and for sex workers that existed from 2005-2011.  They have a new anthology coming out.

2. An interview with Alana Massey, a writer/activist who recently wrote about the reality show 8 minutes for the new republic.

8 minutes is a tv show where a former cop turned pastor supposedly solicits sex workers through their ads, pretending to be a john, then tries to rescue them by talking them out of sex work and (again supposedly) offering them resources to get out.  (One sex worker who was on the show has come forward saying the show is scripted, her appearance on the show led to her arrest, and when she contacted producers of the show asking for their promised help, the host just offered to pray for her.)

A quote from the Massey interview:

“It makes it about sadistic traffickers and not about inhospitable economies, inhospitable law enforcement situations. […] I can’t fist-bump myself into having an income. I can’t ‘girl power’ into it.”


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